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The Vines, Western Australia
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Updated29/02/2024 09:23 

Temperature Trends

Trends are based on data recorded at The Vines Perth WA since August 2023. This script is under review.

Annual Temperature Trend
Month Average since August 2023 Current Month Difference
January 26.2°C 26.2°C (2024) 0.00°C 
February 27.9°C 27.9°C (2024) 0.00°C 
March 0.0°C 0.0°C (2023) 0.00°C 
April 0.0°C 0.0°C (2023) 0.00°C 
May 0.0°C 0.0°C (2023) 0.00°C 
June 0.0°C 0.0°C (2023) 0.00°C 
July 0.0°C 0.0°C (2023) 0.00°C 
August 14.3°C 14.3°C (2023) 0.00°C 
September 19.1°C 19.1°C (2023) 0.00°C 
October 17.7°C 17.7°C (2023) 0.00°C 
November 24.2°C 24.2°C (2023) 0.00°C 
December 25.1°C 25.1°C (2023) 0.00°C 
Average 12 Month Temperature since August 2023: 12.8°C
Current 12 Month Temperature: 12.8°C
Current 12 Month Temperature Trend: 0.00°C